Born To Boogie

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Includes New 2017 Re-Mix of
Magnolia - 3rd Edition*3:07, J.J. Cale, writer Publisher:
Johnny Bienstock Music Co.


1. Gypsy's Truth's 3:04 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

2. 3001 2:29 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

3. Born To Boogie 2:34 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

4. Doing Magic For You 2:51 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

5. Give It To The One You Want 2:35 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

6. Hold Me, Squeeze Me 3:07 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

7. I'll Never Let You Go 3:05 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

8. Runnin' Wide Open 2:39 Publisher: Recordable Music, Inc

All songs written by HL Shields, except #6 with co-writer Anita Rosamond . Musicians: Frank Cannon, piano, organ, Hammond bass, clavinet; Jerry Shook, guitars, HL Shields, guitar, Eddie Glass, drums, Margie & Marci Cates, background vocals, on #4, Bella Witt background vocals on all songs except #4. Dennis Ritchie, recording engineer. All songs recorded at Shook Shack, Nashville, Tennessee. 2017 mixing engineer, Chuck Ainlay.

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